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Most People have SOME form of

junk they need to get rid of that is

just sitting in a spare room or basement, but

aren't sure how or who to call! 


How about you???


Do YOU have stuff laying around

            that you need hauled away, but arent sure how???

From one item to a house full! 

Do you have a couch, chair, old Tv, some construction debris,

some old carpet, an old bed, a dresser that is falling apart.....


Whatever you have laying around that needs to be thrown out


We haul away and dispose of practically everything

including furniture, household junk, yard debris, construction materials, appliances, mattresses....and MUCH MORE!

​Here are some true facts about Simply Junk.....


Did you know that it costs LESS to use Simply Junk to haul away your stuff then renting a dumpster and having to do all the work yourself? It's true! We do not have the overhead costs that most businesses carry like..... building rent, lots of employees, truck payments....etc. so, the savings can be passed on to YOU! 


Did you know that Simply Junk can actually SAVE you on your property taxes/insurance?? By taking down that old building sitting on your property, your property taxes go down! We honestly saved one man 4,000.00 a year by taking down an old house that he didn't live in or use anymore that just sat on his property. No hype about it! Sheds, Garages, Barns, Trailers, houses...etc. whatever it may be. We are 100% Licensed and Insured.

Most of your questions, can be answered under our FAQ Tab!

And we thank you for considering Simply Junk!

Click through our site to see exactly WHO we are, and WHAT we do!!

Do you have JuNk??!!

(570) 836-4150 (office) Or call us direct: (570) 240-0129

Simply Ju​nk